The Ultimate Guide to: Skin Types

The first step of having your dream complexion is knowing what skin type you have and how to cater to your skin needs! This guide will explain the 4 different skin types and give you different ways to look after them!

Normal Skin

People with normal skin types have good circulation, there is hardly any trace of oil on their tissue. Normal skin types also have a soft, smooth and even skin tone

This skin type is the easiest to look after out of all the possible skin types, the best way to care for normal skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good skin routine
Dry Skin

People with dry skin have low levels of sebum, because of this they find it hard to maintain oil easiy. Dry skin is flaky and tends to feel tight after being wiped cleaned, it can also produce:

  • Red patches
  • Dull complexions
  • Visible lines
  • Itchy skin

Dry skin can be made worse by:

  • Indoor heating
  • Hot baths or showers
  • Tanning Beds
  • Weather such as the sun, wind or cold

Tips for looking after dry skin:

  • Use gentle, mild soaps, cleansers and moistrisers
  • Ointments and creams may work better than body lotions

Product Recommendation:

  • Sanex Advanced Atopicare Body Lotion – this will help minise the risk of irritation and help relieve skin dryness and itchiness

Oily Skin

People with an oily skin type have blots of facial oil on their skin, particularly around their T-Zone (cheeks, nose, forehead and sometimes chin). Oily skin can be caused by factors such as diet, hormone levels, stress and some cosmetics. It can produce:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Blackheads, pimples and blemishes
  • Shiny, thick complexion

Tips for looking after oily skin:

  • As tempting it may be, try not to pick or touch any pimples or blemish, it might lead to infections and scarring!
  • Use oil-free, matte makeup! This will help reduce the build up of oil on your skin.

Product Recommendation 

  • The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask – This will help control oily skin and also remove impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads

Combination Skin

Most people have a combination skin type, this is when you have a 2 different skin types, most commonly, oily and dry skin, where the oil is produced around the nose, forehead and chin but not on the cheeks or around the eyes
Tips for looking after combination skin

  • Use a gentle cleanser that works for both your skin types
  • Avoid getting excess lotion or moistuizers on the oily parts of your skin, it will start to look and feel a lot greasier

Hopefully, this guide has given to some insight into what skin type you may have, thanks for reading



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