Product Review: Origins Modern Friction

A new Origins stand opened in my local Debenhams and it looked so pretty so I had to go check it out. I have never tried their products but I’ve heard VERY good things about the brand.

I was greeted by the area manager and he was SO nice and SO informative. I told him what problem I wanted to fix about my skin which was having texturized and rough skin. He immediately pointed me to Modern Friction. It’s an exfoliator that contains rice starch; this ingredient is great to polish the skin without experiencing flaking or redness. Along with the Lemon Oil, it improves discolouration and restores brightness in the skin

The Area Manager told me that you use a small amount (I normally use the size of a 20p) and apply it on to dry skin, making sure that you scrub the problem areas. Once you have done that, wet your face and scrub it one more time to remove the product of your face.

1. Leaves you with smooth skin – It really does polish the skin! After using this my skin feels baby butt smooth without of the redness I normally experience with other exfoliators.
2. Brighter complexion – I’ve been using this 2 twice a week for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say it has helped with the discolouration in my skin! As well as my acne scars I had patches of darker skin and this product has really helped it fade away! Although, I haven’t seen a huge difference with my acne scars, probably because the darkness is much deeper and harder to fade away but I will keep at it! Let me know if you want an update on this!

1. This is not an everyday exfoliator – Me being me, I ignored the instructions of using this exfoliator 2-3 times a week and used it every day at one point; just because I loved how my skin felt afterwards! Although, I noticed that my skin lost its natural oils and became more dry during the day (Not so great during the winter time!)
2. Don’t get this in your eyes! – This drawback is me just being silly but this stuff stings! Probably because of the lemon oil but be careful when you’re using it, learn from my mistakes!

Overall, I really do recommend this product if you have problems with texture and discolouration in the skin. I didn’t experience anything crazy so I’m 100% going to purchase this again!


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