Product Review: Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub

Who’s heard of the DIY trick that involves baking soda? There’s a bunch of them all over the internet and I’ve always been scared to try it. Baking soda is supposed to clear clogged pores and remove deep blackheads. Mixed with ingredients like lemon or honey; Baking soda can become a real staple.

In my local Superdrug I was surprised to find Biore Baking Soda. My first thought was “isn’t it  just normal baking soda?” but me being me, I spent my money on it. It was even on sale in Superdrug for £5.29 (RRP: £7.99)

Biore claims that this product is an easy-to-use, powder-to-foam formula gently cleanses and exfoliates pores then naturally dissolves so you never over-scrub.You can dial up or dial down this scrub’s intensity by adding water; once you add water, it fizzes and expands, providing that deep cleansing. The polishing formulation, brightens and evens the complexion and eliminates dullness.


  • My skin felt super smooth after this! It’s a light exfoliation, light enough for daily use. I have a lot of texture on the skin and this really helped
  • You can mix this with natural products to get a quick DIY going. I mixed this product with honey to get moisture to my skin and it did wonders!


  • It did make my skin red after using it, I don’t know if that’s from me scrubbing to hard or from my daily use. Probably my fault !


  • Overall, I do really like this product, if you’re looking for a cheap exfoliator then I would recommend trying this out.

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