Product Review: GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

Everyone’s heard of it right? The GLAMGLOW Super Mud Clearing Treatment Mask. It’s apparently the holy grail of mud masks. Because of GLAMGLOW’s price tag on its products (£39), I never tried it out. But I was having problems with my skin that the Super Mud mask claims it can solve. So I dived right in and brought it.

GLAMGLOW claims that it helps reduce blemishes, redness, scars, in-grown hair and razor bumps. The formula also helps balance oily skin, brighten the complexion and lift away dirt on the skin.

Here’s my review:

I have been using this for 3 weeks now and I must say during the first week I started to break out on my cheek area. Nothing major, just small spots that I don’t normally experience when I have a breakout. I read online that the mask will break you out at the beginning because its pulling all the bad toxins from your face. So I kept at it.

I’m really happy I kept going with this mask because my face feels really smooth. All the breakouts are gone will hardly any scarring too. I also see such a difference in my pores. They’re a lot smaller and less visible when I wear makeup. No product I have used before have done that so well!


The mask does tingle a lot when you first apply it but that fades after a few minutes. It also dries really quickly which is an added bonus.

You’ll notice small dark spots on the mask when it’s all dry. Those are all your pores that are being cleared and extracted! GLAMGLOW call it the “Pore-Matrix”. It’s so crazy when you see it because I never knew how many pores I have on my face before then.

In the mask, it looks like there is small pieces of tree bark inside. It is actually Eucalyptus Leaf that helps refresh the skin! This is something GLAMGLOW call “TEAOXI”.



You can also use this mask as a spot treatment, if you suffer from acne then you can apply this to your spots instead of your entire face.


My ONLY drawback of this mask is that it is SMALL. For the price you are paying, you only get 34g which isn’t great. However, recently GLAMGLOW announced that they are making the size of the jar bigger and keeping the same price! I lucked out by buying it before then!

Overall, if you have problems with blemishes and large pores then I really recommend this mask. Although its pricey, it does the job. Have you tried this mask? How did you feel about it?



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